Marketing through phone lines: Tele callers

What do tele callers do?

Tele callers or tele marketers are responsible for soliciting orders for goods and services over the telephone and delivering scripted sales talks for marketing a product or service to individuals. They are required to provide all necessary information about the product that they are interested in selling and then also persuade the individual to buy the product.

Tele callers working with investment firms and banks are also responsible for making calls for providing value added services and to make customers aware of the various services being offered by the banks. They are also often required to follow up on leads that are generated by the sales division.

How much money can one make?

Tele callers receive a two structured salary. One component is the fixed pay and the other includes incentives for calls that have been successfully converted into orders of goods. Pay in this sector can be very high depending on the volume of sales achieved by the individuals.

One need not have any special training, as most training is provided beforehand by the company itself. This includes educating the employees about the various features of the products and how to sell them suing some standard methods.

Marketing through phone lines: Tele callers
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Marketing through phone lines: Tele callers
What do tele callers do?How much money can one make?
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