The Face of the company: Receptionists

What is the role of receptionists?

Receptionists or front desk officers as they are commonly called are the face of a company when it comes to client interaction. They often bear upon them the responsibility of creating a good first impression of the company on its prospective clients.

Companies and enterprises often employ services of confident individuals with good communication skills, to help felicitate customer interaction with the company. They essentially act as an interface between the company and the clients.

What do receptionists do and what are the job requirements?

Receptionists are responsible for welcoming clients when they visit company outlets and helping them with any queries or redirecting/escorting them to the appropriate authority. They are also expected to man the various call lines for the company and schedule appointments with clients.

Additional responsibilities could include maintaining log books and helping with security and administration by following standard operating procedures.

There is no prerequisite educational training one has to undergo to become a receptionist. Employers are usually looking for individuals with good self-confidence and a positive attitude. Having a good command over spoken and written languages is a very desired trait as well.


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