Logistics 2.0: Delivery boys

Who are delivery boys and what do they do?

Delivery boys, or couriers, are responsible for transferring products/goods from the production or storage facility to the customer at their doorstep. They work for various start-ups, e-commerce businesses, business providers and logistics companies. Their prime responsibility is to navigate through cityscapes and safely deliver products and goods to multiple customers within a certain time frame.

Delivery jobs do not require any special knowledge or educational requirements. A good knowledge of the cities routes and locations is a must for this job, along with a driver’s license. Special on-the job training is usually provided by employers, as delivery boys are usually responsible for loading and unloading of the goods along with log keeping.

What is the scope in this field?

Amazon recently opened up 6 new fulfillment centers in the metros of India. Flipkart and Snapdeal hire delivery boys by the hundreds during special offer sales (like the Big Billion Sale) and retain this talent within the company. One needs to understand that in this era or e-commerce growth, and with a large number of players in the market, the demand for delivery personnel is only expected to increase exponentially.

Moreover, businesses require loyal staff members who they can retain for a long period of time as this improves the reliability of the entire sales delivery system. Delivery couriers are literally responsible for taking the business to the masses and will continue to remain necessary and relevant in most product related businesses across all sectors.

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