The (not so) technical job of Data Entry

Why the title?

It is commonly understood that data entry jobs involve using a word processing software or a data entry software to translate files and folders of paper into convenient excel sheets. Contrary to popular belief, these jobs are not as technical as one may expect. Most of the people who get data entry jobs have no prior experience or education in that field.

That being said, fluency with computer use and software use, to be specific are desired traits in a data entry operator. Being able to spend long hours in front of a computer is another feature that a data entry operator requires.

What do data entry operators do and what skills do they possess?

There are various types of data entry services including online data entry, image data entry, database data entry, data entry of surveys, data entry of company reports. A data entry operator or technician is expected to feed information into the computer systems and databases via various software tools.

Data entry jobs are popular amongst graduates as there is no previous experience required. These jobs feed operations at the next level and are very important to maintain an electronic summarization of information.

While a high school graduation is usually the minimum educational requirement, there is no other specified entry barrier for this kind of job. However, fast computing and keyboarding skills are an added advantage in the employees CV.

What is the scope of being a data entry operator?

In a country like India with fast expanding companies, there is a sudden demand for a workforce that can manage large volumes of data and information efficiently. Enter data entry operators. With a large number of BPOs in India, the need for more data entry operators just keeps on going up.

With adequate time at work, one can expect to become a data entry specialist or a supervisor in good time. Their primary job is to oversee operations of freshly recruited data entry technicians and to make sure that the information is assimilated and managed in order.

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