How to Excel at Your Job

Now that you have reaped the fruits of your labour and are employed, the next goal you should have is to excel at it. There’s no pride in a job half well done. If you are to grow in any field, you must try to make yourself constantly better at it. The corporate hierarchy is a ladder and the only way you should be aiming is to go up.

Job ethics

Familiarize yourself

The key to success in any new environment is to understand the new environment. Get to know the inner workings of the office. Be courteous and respectful to everybody working below or above you. Observe the intra-office dynamics. Pick up on the habits that are frowned about in the office. Understand the policies that the management has regarding various situations. Once you know the lay of the land, you can adapt to it and plan your path.

Hard work

There’s no shortcut to success. You need to put in the hours and slog away. You need to be the first one in and the last one out if you want to be more than just productive. The more work you can get done, the more of an asset you are for the company. The best way to tackle increasing workload is to create a schedule. Make it a habit to sync your data on the cloud so that if you’re traveling or stuck somewhere or have some time to kill, you can get some work out of the way. This is also reflected in your performance report which your seniors will look at when they decide the next promotion.


Once you have out in the hours and have gotten used to the workload, it’s time to make a name for yourself. The sad truth is that in today’s competitive atmosphere, only hard work seldom gets you where you deserve to be. You have to spread your name around and meet more people to increase the number of contacts you have. You never know when you may need someone for a deal or if a seemingly innocuous good word about you at the right time in front of the right people may help you. It is as simple as making friends. You introduce yourself, listen to them and keep the conversation going. Remembering somebody’s children’s name and asking them about it later makes you seem more caring and familiar.

Keeping a job and moving ahead is the hard part but if you put your head to it, you can get it done. But finding a job has never been this easy with Work India.

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