How to Crack Every Interview Ever – Part 2

We have previously discussed how you can go about your way cracking every interview that comes your way. Knowing is half the battle. Once you have the knowledge on the ways you can better yourself, all that is remaining is the effort. Do you have it in you?



Never walk into a situation unprepared. Follow the Boys Scout logo and always ‘Be Prepared’. We’ve previously spoken about what all should be done one day before your interview. Being prepared for every possible eventuality not only ensures you’ll make it to the interview no matter what, it also calms you down. There’s no overkill in preparation. Whenever you feel relieved, feel that you’ve done all that you have to, that’s your point. If you are ready for the big day, you’ll obviously do better. Wait, plan and do. Give an interview the importance it deserves. It’ll pay you in the long run to inculcate this habit.

Dress for it

They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have. It’s easier dressing up for an interview. It’s not about who has the better shirt or tie but about how you took the effort to iron a shirt, wore a tie to the office and kept it on throughout the day. For most offices, that is the attire they expect of their employees. For all, the formal attire just reinforces that you’re serious about the job. No need to go out and buy the most expensive shirt, a sleek silk tie and a blazer from one of those designer stores. A simple shirt and sober tie will do. Designer clothes bring an unwanted attention with them to the interview that you don’t need. It’s like meeting the class teacher to become the class monitor in a tuxedo. Keep it smart, keep it simple.

Be Polite or Go Home

Nobody likes arrogance. No matter how sure you are of an interview, you still need to treat everyone you meet with politeness and respect. From the receptionist to the peon who serves you water. Not only because they deserve nothing else, but also because it can affect your interview in unforeseeable ways. You may impress the bosses but if the receptionist has their ear and you were rude to him or her, you will be seen as a troublesome entity in the workplace and not hired. Even if you are hired, you will have to be working with them day in and day out. Better to start your professional relationship on a good note. Be nice to people.

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