The Medical Job Industry

Let’s talk about an untapped well of jobs. Not jobs for doctors or nurses but for the average Joe. Sure, every hospital, clinic, and laboratory needs medical staff but what not a lot of people realize is that it needs so much more people to get it done. That’s right. The untapped job market from around the corner lies in the Medical industry.



Almost every consultant and doctor attached to or visiting a hospital has a clinic in the city where they see patients on their own time. It is convenient for the doctors and the patients too. Every such clinic needs the bare minimum office staff, be it a receptionist or a peon, people to keep it running. Trying to save some money in a cramped city like Mumbai? You have polyclinics with multiple doctors sharing a common space for consultation.
So if you’re a doctor, you need an easy way to hire someone to take care of your clerical needs and WorkIndia can get that done for you in moments.


From the small to the big, everything is run by an army of people working behind the scenes. Hospitals have multiple nonmedical departments which hire from the general population. Good with accounts? You’re needed in Billing. Great with people? You’re needed at the reception. Quick with the telephone? You’re needed at the hospital call center.
Hospitals have diversified over the years and a portal like WorkIndia is what they need to reach out to the job seekers in the city and fill in the vacancies. With more and more hospitals opening up and corporates getting into building a chain of them, the demand for blue collared employees is just going to rise.


What is even more ubiquitous than a hospital or a clinic? A laboratory. Whether it is a pathology lab where blood samples are tested or it is a radio-diagnostic suite with the latest MRI machines, they can be found everywhere in the city. A patient after going to the doctor most likely ends up getting referred to one of these centers for one or the other tests. Just like a hospital, they have the personnel for billing, peons for the back office, receptionists up front and even delivery boys to deliver the reports to doctors and hospitals across the city.

With so many positions, healthcare institutes are a prime establishment for motivated individuals to find a job. All you need to do for that is to just click.

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