The Rise of Blue Collared India


With the liberalization and globalization of Indian markets in 1991, the Indian workforce was
taken over with a wave of changes in its structure and needs. For one, the banking and
commerce sectors grew exponentially over the next few years which created a high influx of
jobs in those sectors. Consequently, most of the workforce shifted fields in hope for
better employment, pay and wages.
However with the saturation in this limited job market reaching its peak in the early 2000’s,
many were left without employment and this made quite a few of these individuals shift
back to their manufacturing and service jobs. Mumbai particularly expanded as the
financial hub and center of various business activities, drawing mass migrants from all over
India to serve in the blue collared industry which flourished not only in metropolitan
Mumbai, but also Thane and more recently Navi Mumbai.

The Blue Collared today

Estimates suggest that a staggering 56% of the urban workforce consists of members of the skilled workforce. The necessity and relevance of this aspect of employees have come to be indispensable and the need for quality employees in this regard has only been growing since 2001.
Be it a start-up based in Mumbai or a manufacturing unit setup in Thane or Navi Mumbai, all industries across all geographies rely on the blue collared workforce. From the receptionists in big corporate offices to telemarketing executives of sales companies, all these jobs demand a certain amount of knowledge and skill which is unique to those employed in the labour-service sector field.

Scope and future

With the growth of cyberspace sales and encouragement of entrepreneurial ventures in India, the demand for delivery boys, back end technicians and semi-educated labor has kicked in. This creates an entire domain of professionals who can and will be tapped into for fruitful employment. Especially in a city like Mumbai which serves as the most conducive city for businesses due to its abundance of resources, the relevance of the blue collared workforce is hence bound to keep on rising.

Even in the era of downsizing and streamlining of business employment models, skilled sales
agents, office boys, and accountants cannot be replaced as they form an integral part of the
organization and the smooth functioning of the overall operation relies on this workforce
playing their part. With their due importance asserted, the blue collared workforce is set to
bloom and the real task that lies ahead will be making sure that enterprises are able to
successfully tap into this growth.

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