Finding the right men, for your right jobs

In the early half of the 20th century, the industry struggled with the scarcity of a highly skilled workforce. By the end of the century, the industry was saturated with educated professionals and the recruiters were haunted with the tiresome task of filtering the best. With the advent of smart phones and internet connectivity, the bridges between employers and job seekers were brought down. Regular scheduling of interviews between secretaries of firms and job seekers was replaced with emails and even WhatsApp messages now.

However, even with the technology into a place, a major problem was bringing the work force to it. Skilled employees who would suit the job descriptions. And then the entire mess of contacting them and scheduling interviews proved to be too much of a hassle. The need of the hour, we realized, was a platform that would connect one to another. Job givers to job seekers.


With a vast network spread across all sectors and geographical regions, we at WorkIndia, bring to you industry ready professionals who would be best suited for your job requirements. The sheer volume of participants on board serves as an advantage to employers because they can shortlist and filter the best candidate according to his/her skills and educational qualifications. This platform, therefore, serves to be very employer friendly. It provides not just the right man according to you skill requirement but also makes the entire process a lot more convenient and streamlined. By simply putting up the details of the required position, one can be connected to the hundreds of aspirants and schedule an interview at one’s convenience. We, at WorkIndia, are making recruiting simple again.

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