Goodbye yellow pages; Smartphones are here

Gone are the days when one would have to flip through the dusty pages of the telephone directory in search of important numbers. It’s all available at the click of a button now. With the “Ok Google” feature, even that click is now obsolete. Phone cameras have replaced shutter cameras, phone based work spaces have replaced conventional filing systems and now virtually everything is stored in the cloud. Smart phones, truly puts every necessity at a fingers reach, bringing the world to our finger tips.

While in the 90’s it was a luxury to own a mobile handset, the Indian market today is flooded with scores of different smart phone brands and around 76 million in India now have the convenience of this modern necessity. Across both horizontal and vertical sections, smart phones have penetrated all sectors. Virtually every business has an Android based application to increase its outreach and everyone in a corporation needs to be privy to this ongoing change.

What truly makes these smartphones a necessity is the fact that it literally connects people. Interfacing between clients and corporations; customers and businessmen and employers and employees, one cannot ignore the power they put in one’s hands. No one can ignore the empowering force that smartphones have brought to the industry, across all levels and spheres.

We, at WorkIndia, have identified this potential. Connecting people, on our platform is so simple and conducive, that everyone with a smart phone can avail the benefit of volumes of yellow pages and job classifieds. Except one need not search through pages and pages of cluttered information. The WorkIndia app brings to you everything in a consolidated and to the point fashion. Here aspiring employees can get filtered jobs to suit their skill set and employers can find the right employee from the skilled workforce registered on the database. All available just a few seconds away on your smart phone. So, if you have the potential, we have just the right app for you.

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