Changing Definitions and Scopes of Traditional Job Titles

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in the workforce demographic. With the advent of the ‘Start-up Culture’, the initial list of employees in a new company is shrinking but their roles are changing to include much more than what we traditionally associate with the job title. Call it ‘Western influence’ or not, things are no longer the way society taught us to be.


‘Put the pretty girl up front and make her smile.’
No longer is a receptionist considered an accessory in the office. The rudimentary and sexist ideals of the 20th century have been left behind in that bygone era. No longer just for ‘pretty females’, receptionists are now required to be sharp and quick learners who also are expected to handle the inner workings of an office. The concept of office manager has slowly crept in to be a part of the job. The face of the company is thus becoming the backbone.

But nobody beats Joan Holloway at the job.

Delivery Boys

‘Drive. Reach. Sign. Repeat.’
You can rebrand the chotu as a boy but ab chotu chotu nahi raha. Maybe it is time we start calling them what they are, Logistics Professionals. In the decade of e-commerce, every other company has one or the other form of a delivery program. Apart from a good hand at the handle and Google Maps, delivery boys have also evolved to include a part of customer service and sales. An excellent form of customer outreach, they have an unparalleled potential in any company.

Madam, this is Logistics Professional Chotu. Naam toh suna hoga?


‘Baavarchi bhiya, raat ko rajma chawal.’
Either in a five-star restaurant or as a gypsy, making lunches from home to home. No more. Apart from eccentric food joints and a multitude of food startups, short of opening their own restaurant, cooks have many more options now. With the entry of food trucks, YouTube channels, and food bloggers, the field is now more tantalizing than ever.

This is the amount of options that are closed to cooks now


‘Ramlal chai!’
Yes. You heard it correct. Even peons have changed their definition due to their versatility and almost universal presence. The intraoffice errand boy/chaiwallah has ‘graduated’ to a technician of sorts. From handling finances, accounts, stocks, supplies, and operations, the opportunity for growth and diversification is incredible. The advantage of being everywhere is the ability to become anyone thus this untapped potential is just now brimming up.

I may be cleaning it now but one day, I’ll own it.

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