How Knowing To Use Online Recruitment Effectively Could Save Your Career

Let’s face it. The digital era has begun and is here to stay. It is the way of the future and if you don’t accept it, you’ll be left behind in the analogue era. The modern replacement of newspaper classified advertisements, online recruitment portals like WorkIndia are the new face of recruitment and here are some reasons why knowing how to use them can save your career.

It’s more efficient

No longer do you have to go through various newspapers, different editions and multiple classifieds to find a job in your field and to your preference. A much better option is going through presorted and pre-filtered jobs tailor made for your preferences. Want a job near your home? Don’t like traveling? No problem. With the WorkIndia app, you can view all the available jobs in your area. When you can scroll through thousands of offers and contact the prospective employer directly at the click of a button, why do it the old way?

Nowadays, it’s easier to find God than the job you want in a newspaper.

It’s more organized

Imagine a situation in which you are pressed towards finding a job. If you are able to contact the employer of your choice and schedule an interview or go for a walk-in, you can effectively cover a lot of ground in a day. Jobs in a particular area in the morning, in another after a quick lunch in the afternoon. This way, you are more likely to find a suitable job and waste less time looking for one.

I’m late! Shit shit shit! If only I had an app for this.

Newspapers are dying, LITERALLY

You know something is a fact when there is an actual Wikipedia page about it. Yes, newspapers are on their slow way out of our lives. Mostly due to dropping ad revenue and circulation, it is a bad idea to rely on them for jobs, whether if you are an employer or an applicant. The internet offers a much wider market for both the parties and given the intense competition, the fields are only going to grow. If you can learn to tap into this superpower now, it can make your life. Time to start using those thumbs to post/check jobs on WorkIndia.

Siri, where can I find a job?

Employers prefer it

Offering a new position can be a very important decision for an employer. The easier it can be done, the less worried they can be about it. Hence companies are posting their job requirements on online portals with no hassles. Employers can post their requirements for free on WorkIndia and thousands on prospective employees can view it instantly on their smart phones. The young workforce has grown accustomed to their phones and having an app for everything. Whether own a Fortune 500 CEO or a hard working aspirant, this is one you cannot afford to not have.


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