Every Interview

How to Crack Every Interview Ever (Contd.)

We have previously discussed how you can go about your way cracking every interview that comes your way. Knowing is half the battle. Once you have the knowledge on the ways you can better yourself, all that is remaining is the effort. Do you have it in you?     Preparation Never walk into a […]

Young man have job interview.

How to Crack Every Interview Ever (Part 1)

An interview may not be as precise as a science but you can still crack every interview you face. It boils down to knowing your strengths and working on your weaknesses. If you know approach each interview with a systematic approach like this, you’re sure to make it through all of them.   Apply Smartly […]


Things To Do The Day Before Your Interview

Things To Do The Day Before Your Interview Yes, an interview is very important. It is often the only way you can get a certain position some times. Everybody prepares for them to the best of their abilities but what do you do a day before the big day?         Get Ready […]

Delivery Boys

Logistics 2.0: Delivery Boys

Who are delivery boys and what do they do? Delivery boys, or couriers, are responsible for transferring products/goods from the production or storage facility to the customer at their doorstep. They work for various start-ups, e-commerce businesses, business providers and logistics companies. Their prime responsibility is to navigate through cityscapes and safely deliver products and […]


The Importance of English in Getting Job

The Importance of English in Getting Job Whether it is for a conversation at the workplace or to impress new clients, a good command over English is paramount in today’s world. Irrespective of the post you are applying for, an applicant with polished English always has an edge over the others.     It is […]

Medical Job

The Medical Job Industry

The Medical Job Industry Let’s talk about an untapped well of jobs. Not jobs for doctors or nurses but for the average Joe. Sure, every hospital, clinic and laboratory needs medical staff but what not a lot of people realize is that it needs so many more people to get it done. That’s right. The […]

Jobs And Career

Difference Between Job And Career

One question you need to ask yourself, “Are you looking for a quick buck, or are you looking to climb the steps towards your goals, to fulfill your ambitions?” The very first difference between a “Job” and a “Career” that one must understand is that a job is often considered to be a short term […]


Changes a Job Brings in Your Life

Often getting a job post your desired stage of education is the next logical step but seldom do we think about the changes that occur due to it. You’re earning Yes, that is obvious. You get to earn money and spend money according to your wish. But with great power, comes great responsibility. More specifically, […]

Back Office

The Back Office: The Actual Backbone

What is the back office? In most large corporations and enterprises, there is an entire workforce dedicated to keep the corporation afloat.  Right from administration and logistics, to IT and processing, back office jobs cut across all skillsets and sectors. Essentially, the term back office is used to describe those job types that are not […]

Recruitment Industry

Recruitment Industry

Current Status and the need for change The recruitment industry can broadly be divided into three categories: First one is middle to senior management (CFO, CEO), second is entry level white collar (engineers, managers) and third one is blue and grey collar workers. The first one (middle to senior level) by its sheer nature of […]