blue collared

The Rise of Blue Collared India

The Rise of Blue Collared India Introduction With the liberalization and globalization of Indian markets in 1991, the Indian workforce was taken over with a wave of changes in its structure and needs. For one, the banking and commerce sectors grew exponentially over the next few years which created a high influx of jobs in […]


WorkIndia : An Overview, Try Us For Free

WorkIndia WorkIndia is an online portal where companies can get in touch with prospective employees in the area who fit their requirements. It’s simple, available freely and puts a whole new world of opportunities instantly at your disposal. It helps businesses post requirements for essential jobs and for the individual to scan through available jobs […]

Posting Job

Posting Job Was Never This Easy

Posting Job Was Never This Easy!  Courtesy : Employer Panel   How long does it take to post a Job? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? Time consuming much?   How about having a website that helps you post a Job in less than 3 minutes? To help our employers we have launched our website : […]

Right employees

Finding the right employees, for your right jobs

Right employees, for your jobs? Finding them was never easy. In the early half of the 20th century, the industry struggled with scarcity of a highly skilled workforce. By the end of the century, the industry was saturated with educated professionals and the recruiters were haunted with the tiresome task of filtering the best. With […]


Goodbye yellow pages, Smartphones are here to help Employees

Gone are the days when one would have to flip through the dusty pages of the telephone directory in search of important numbers. It’s all available at the click of a button now. With the “Ok Google” feature, even that click is now obsolete. Phone cameras have replaced shutter cameras, phone based work spaces have […]

Growing Job Sectors

Fast Growing Job Sectors In Mumbai

With a population of 1.2 Billion, India is a huge market and something that comes with such a wide and vast market is the variety of jobs available out there. A major chunk of the population being in the working age group, deciding where you want to end up working is a big decision. Let […]

Trust WorkIndia

Why Trust WorkIndia ?

“That’s alright, but can you sell this pen?” “Sir, I am 12th pass. I no have shop. I not sell anything” *Sigh* “Thanks for your time. We will let you know” The first and the third sentences are from an HRE of a BPO and the second line is from a yet another confused applicant […]

hire a candidate

Traits you should look before you hire a candidate

Being a hiring professional is a highly stressful and demanding job . The performance of your hires is a yardstick for measuring your skill . You would have to be 200% sure when you hire a candidate  for your company . Domain Knowledge,Culture Fit is one thing , but getting to know what the potential […]

Work in India

Taxes You want to know if want to Work in India

This short article will give you a peek into the important taxes levied by our government which every Indian taxpayer has to know about if they want to Work in India CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TAXES Income Tax -The central government has been empowered by our constitution to charge tax on income ( income through agriculture excluded ), […]

Workindia App

Use WorkIndia to find the perfect job

Forget about getting the right job, getting a job in itself is a hassle. Getting the right job at the right employer is a mammoth task. WorkIndia wants to make it simple for you. This short read will get you started on how to use WorkIndia to find the right job for you. Step 1: Install the App […]